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M.Y Medical is a leading company that specializes in the production of high quality diagnostic equipment for the medical, veterinary and X-ray industry. Our products and services are of high importance to healthcare professionals and their facilities. We offer low cost medical equipment and accessories but manufactured under quality materials to ensure that every apparatus and accessory performs accurate analysis, readings and lasts long. 

M.Y Medical has helped many start-up clinics such as diagnostic centers, dental clinics and animal pet care clinics. We have a wide array of products and equipment for every industry. You can come to us for consultation and we will give you a list of your needed machines and accessories at best prices.

Our Services

We produce high quality diagnostic equipment for the medical, veterinary and dental X-ray industry.




Our Philosophy

We believe that commitment to the customer is the foundation of our business. That is why we are dedicated to providing products and services that place the customer first. M.Y Medical is a dynamic growth oriented company.  This growth is due to our ability to understand and satisfy our customers' needs. 

As we grow, our pool of resources also widens.

This means that whatever the challenge, today or tomorrow, M.Y Medical will be there to meet it head on.

Our advantages
With M.Y Medical, not only will you get top-quality products, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

Free consultation on what equipment to use for start-up clinics!

Free quote on every M.Y Medical product!

Product and service warranty!

Top quality workmanship on all products!

Highly knowledgeable medical technicians to answer all your queries!

Supports both permanent and mobile clinics!

Need help? Call us at +1 312 239 0359 for a FREE consultation! 


+1 312 239 0359

+1 312 239 0359

+1 312 239 0359

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MY Medical USA

PO Box 1705

Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60009

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Monday 9:00-17:00

Tuesday 9:00-17:00

Wednesday 9:00-17:00

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